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Step 1 | GiftFind Water Bottle Checkout | Price $2000

To place your order please send us a email  and e transfer for CAD $2000  to Giftfind@gmail.com and provide us with the following details below.


Payment Email: Please provide your email which you sent or will send the e transfer payment from. This is used to verify your order and payment 

Shipping Information: Please provide your shipping information.



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Shipping:  We offer free shipping for Canadian residents. Addresses outside of Canada will pay a standard $100 shipping fee based on your location.

Step 2 | Verification and Order Completion

Once we have received your Payment Email and Shipping Information, We will send you a Order Confirmation Number.

Once we have received payment we will verify your order and send you a Payment Confirmation Email.

Your item will then be processed and shipped to you by our friendly team.